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Is Coconut Oil Good For Eczema?

February 11, 2015 / 6,331 comments, on Blog, Blog, Natural Remedies

Eczema is a common problem, especially in children under five, that causes dry and itchy skin. These patches of dry, inflamed skin usually start on the cheeks, but are also seen on the neck, legs, and arms. If the condition isn’t treated, it can lead to open sores, which can cause scars. While there are many creams and ointments that can help treat eczema, one of the most effective treatments is using organic coconut oil. Not only is coconut oil amazing at fighting infection and healing skin, it is all-natural, making it safe for even the most sensitive skins.


Coconut oil has a vast range of properties that helps it sooth and reduce inflammation on irritated skin. Due to its high concentration of vitamins and nutrients, it works as an antibacterial, antifungal, and is an antioxidant. It is packed full of Vitamins E and K, which are often used to treat and soothe sunburns. These nutrients also work to keep the skin smooth and soft, preventing further eczema outbreaks.


A truly unique aspect of coconut oil is its high content of lauric acid. This acid is found in high concentrations in two places: breast milk and coconut oil. While lauric acid is often used to treat infections, specifically viral infections, it is also used to treat blisters and cold sores. Lauric acid also works as a very strong moisturizer, adding a layer of protection to damaged, sore skin.


Parents all over the world are praising the benefits of coconut oil on their babies’ eczema. Because it’s a natural treatment, there are no questions about what types of chemicals or harmful agents might be inside. And, it’s extremely easy to use. There are two ways that parents find work best for treating eczema in infants. The first is to apply it topically, like an ointment. While many just rub it onto the affected area, some cover the oil with a loose bandage. Both ways work well. Another option for babies still breastfeeding is for the mother to add coconut oil to her diet, so the baby can receive the benefits through the milk.


Coconut oil can easily be incorporated into a persons’ diet. The most popular way to intake the oil is to mix it in a smoothie. Not only does this add a healthy, creaminess to the shake, but it also adds great flavor. For those who don’t make smoothies, stirring it into coffee or tea works just as well. Others take a few tablespoons of straight oil every day.


To get the best benefits from coconut oil, an organic, unrefined, virgin version should be used. This type of oil is less processed and closest to its natural form, so that there are no additives that might hurt the skin. If using it for a baby, it’s especially important to keep the oil as natural as possible. The best part about coconut oil is that not only will it stop the itching and flaking, it will also prevent further breakouts and keep the skin protected and healthy.



Most Popular Organic Coconut Oil Brands for Using as Moisturizers 

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